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Imagine this…. you're young, in your forties. A lawyer in a country which is still suffering from the consequences of a dreadful civil war. You can see your home country struggle with a a lack of medical care and an insufficient educational system.

You want to do something, more than just looking at these developments from the sideline,... you want to make a difference. And most of all, you want to give your teenage son the confidence that everything will get better and be alright.

We need your help

Good teachers and researchers are scarce and expensive. This hinders the University of Monrovia to perform at international level and to develop itself further. You could even say that social and economic developments remain, because of the lack of quality secondary education. Assistance is needed to allow universities in Africa to develop themselves into stable, innovative and independent institutions that participate at international level. Assistance from countries and universities, where the lack of resources is not a daily topic of conversation, is urgently needed.

But your help is also needed, help to make it possible to offer this project continuity. Your help will make the difference.

What do we need?

The commitment of emeriti is completely voluntary. However, there are costs associated with this great initiative. When a professor will be at least 2 weeks in a country like Liberia teaching the teachers and students, it costs approximately 2000 euros. Minimal travel and accommodation costs are included, such as a flight and accommodation on site. If accomodation is offered by the partner university, the amount will naturally be lower. The costs are therefore calculated on a project basis.

Every dollar you donate will bring a professor 3.5 miles closer to his goal! This means a world of difference for a Liberian teacher! 

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