Frequently asked questions

 Why should you donate to scientific research?

The government is an important financer of scientific research, but definitely not the only one. Contributions from individuals and businesses are a valuable addition to the resources for fundamental and/or applied research. Such research is often a subject of close involvement for the donor because of his/her own experiences or personal fascination.

What is the role of the Tilburg University Fund?

The goal of the Tilburg University Fund is to support education and research at Tilburg University. In order to make this possible, the foundation obtains resources, and channels the full 100% of the funds raised to the relevant education or research project.

What are the fiscal advantages of my donation?

The Tilburg University fund has been acknowledged as a Public Benefit Institution (PBI/ANBI). Since 18 October 2012, the following fiscal advantages can be applied according to the taxation authorities (Belastingdienst): 

For more information on tax issues, you can call 0800-0543 or go to

The University has plenty of money, doesn’t it?

The funds that the University receives from the government are intended for specific teaching, research and knowledge valorisation duties. The University must seek other forms of funding for projects that do not fall within these specific duties.


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